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If you have been accused of or charged with a criminal offense in California, the deck is already stacked against you. California has a prison population that rivals many small countries. Part of the reason for this is when at trial the prosecution has a virtually endless supply of financial and human resources at its disposal. Compare the prosecutorial resources of a state like California with the individual resources of the individual being accused and or prosecuted and you will see the scales of justice tilted in favor of the prosecution.

One of the things that make the Law Office of Steven S. Mitchell so different is the fact that Steven S. Mitchell himself was a Deputy District Attorney from 1996 to 2016 in both Orange and San Bernardino Counties and also previously worked as a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff. This lengthy experience as a prosecutor gives Mr. Mitchell the distinct advantage of knowing how the prosecution is likely to proceed in trial and react to specific defense models.

When nothing less than your freedom is on the line it is critical to have an experienced defense attorney who understands the court system you will be dealing with, the prosecutorial hurdles you will be facing, and the prosecution’s playbook for cases like yours. When crafting a criminal defense in California, it is especially important to seek qualified counsel sooner than later. Call Criminal Defense Attorney Steven S. Mitchell today to have him review your case.

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