Arrested? You Need Representation.

If you have been arrested after being accused of a crime, or are being investigated for alleged criminal activity, you need to immediately retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. The criminal justice system is heavily stacked against you and your very freedom is at stake.


In the Courtroom, Everything Matters.

When your freedom is on the line because you have been accused by the government of committing a crime, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney that knows how to navigate the criminal justice system. Attorney Steven S. Mitchell is that person and will represent you in a manner that enhances your ability to achieve the best possible outcome in your criminal case.


Unrivaled Courtroom Experience

Steven S. Mitchell worked as a Deputy District Attorney from 1996 to 2016 in both Orange and San Bernardino Counties and also previously worked as a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff.

Navigating the legal process can be a daunting task when a governmental accusation of crime has placed you on the defense. When you have Steven S. Mitchell as your criminal defense attorney, Mr. Mitchell will take immediate action to take you from a defensive and reactive posture to creating a proactive defense that will give you the best possible chance for a favorable outcome. Mr. Mitchell possesses a deep understanding of the criminal justice system, the courts you will be facing, the prosecutorial tactics that will employed to try to convict you and the best possible defenses to use on your behalf.
If you have been accused of any type of sexual assault, you are facing one of the most difficult and overwhelming aspects of California’s criminal justice system and are in desperate need of an experienced criminal defense attorney.  A lengthy prison sentence and a lifetime of adverse consequences are what you are facing when accused of sexual assault in California.  Attorney Steven S. Mitchell is very familiar with these cases and how to defend against these very serious allegations.
As a former Deputy District Attorney in both Orange and San Bernardino Counties for two decades, attorney Steven S. Mitchell has an in depth understanding of murder and manslaughter charges.  If you have been accused of a crime where another human being is deceased and the police are pointing the finger at you as the accused, you are facing the most skilled and experienced detectives and prosecutors in the business.  You will need the experience of a criminal defense attorney like Steven S. Mitchell at your side to help you fight back effectively against these most serious allegations.  Don’t let the government take your freedom away forever.  Fight Back!

Why Selecting Us for Your Criminal Defense Matters:

  • As a former Deputy District Attorney, Steven S. Mitchell knows the challenges you will be facing from different prosecutorial agents and agencies.
  • We have experience with all types of charges including but not limited to sexual assault, murder, robbery, arson, DUI, felony threats, rape, and special circumstance charges.
  • When your freedom is on the line, it is critical that your defense knows the playbook of the prosecution. We do, and can use this knowledge to your advantage.

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If you have been accused of murder, sexual assault, domestic violence, D.U.I, or any crime for that matter, time is of the essence.

Contact Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Steven S. Mitchell Today to Secure A Superior Criminal Defense.
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